The Curious General Wellness Tips For Adults By Dr Lauren Papa

Wellness Tips For Adults By Dr Lauren Papa

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We all want to be in tip-top shape, but it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, some people might even say it’s impossible! But there are lots of tips out there that can help you get and stay fit. Here are some of my favorites:

Breathe Deeply

Dr Lauren Papa Breathing is one of the most fundamental things that we do, and yet it’s something many of us neglect to pay attention to. How many times have you been out walking or running and not even noticed your breath? When we’re stressed, our bodies tend to take shallow breaths. This can lead to anxiety or panic attacks that leave us feeling even worse than before.

The opposite effect occurs when you take long, deep breaths: it relaxes the body by slowing down its metabolism and heart rate; reduces stress hormones like cortisol; improves oxygenation throughout the body; helps calm nervousness so that it doesn’t spiral into full-blown panic attacks (or other negative emotions.

Do What You Love

When it comes to wellness, this is the biggest tip of all by Dr Lauren Papa. If you’re doing something because it’s expected of you or because someone else wants/needs/expects it from you, then chances are that it isn’t going to make a huge difference in terms of how happy and healthy you feel overall.

In fact, doing things out of obligation can actually cause stress which leads directly into poor health! But when we do what makes us happy (even if it seems silly), then we often find ourselves much more relaxed and able to deal with any challenges that come our way.

Listen To Your Body

Listening to your body is the best way to know what it needs. Your body has an innate intelligence that knows how to heal itself and restore balance when you’re not in control. By listening carefully, you can learn from it and make changes accordingly — whether that means taking a break from work or eating something different than usual.

Listen closely as well as look closely at any symptoms or signals (such as pain) that might be coming up for you right now. Pay attention when something doesn’t feel right; this may be an indication of something deeper going on inside of you!

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