The Curious Service Hidden Treasures: Castles Near Prague

Hidden Treasures: Castles Near Prague

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Prague, the investment capital of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its wonderful structure, abundant customs, and radiant party all night atmosphere. But do you know that only a short extended distance from Prague are a couple of outstanding castles waiting to be investigated? In this website publish, we are going to get you on the quest beyond Prague and introduce you to some of the best castles in the Czech Republic.

Karlštejn Castle:

Situated just 30 km southwest of Prague, Karlštejn Castle is a of the most favored castles in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1348 by the Sacred Roman Emperor Charles IV, this Gothic castle is really a masterpiece of medieval architecture. It dished up as being a safe haven for the crown jewels as well as other treasures of the Holy Roman Kingdom during the Hussite Battles. The castle experienced a significant renovation in the nineteenth century, which restored its attractiveness to its authentic elegance. Website visitors may take a carefully guided visit of the castle, consisting of finding the Fantastic Tower and the Chapel of the Sacred Go across.

Český Krumlov Castle:

Positioned about 170 km south of Prague, Český Krumlov is actually a UNESCO Community Historical past Internet site and a spectacular castle that may be really worth getting the vacation. It absolutely was founded in the 13th century and was belonging to several respectable family members through its record. The castle is especially well-known due to its impressive Baroque theater, which happens to be regarded as one particular of the best safeguarded in The european union. Website visitors can also appreciate the Renaissance-type landscapes and require a excursion of the castle’s decorations, including outstanding rooms embellished with time furnishings.

Hluboká Castle:

Situated about 150 km south of Prague, Hluboká Castle is just one of the most breathtaking castles in the Czech Republic. Built in the 13th century, it was rebuilt in the Passionate type in the nineteenth century, which converted it into a fairytale castle. Guests might take a carefully guided visit of the castle’s interiors, including a remarkable series of works of art, sculptures, and furnishings. They can also investigate the castle’s backyards, which feature fountains, ponds, plus a increased backyard.

Konopiště Castle:

Situated about 40 km southeast of Prague, Konopiště Castle is actually a gorgeous chateau which was once the house of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in whose assassination brought to the outbreak of Community Warfare I. The castle extends back to the 14th century and was later refurbished in the Baroque and Renaissance types. Website visitors will take a guided trip of the castle’s interiors, that include a remarkable selection of historic tools, armour, and hunting trophies. They may also investigate the castle’s backyards, which come with a increased back garden, a labyrinth, and a garden greenhouse.

Bouzov Castle:

Found about 240 km east of Prague, Bouzov Castle can be a spectacular middle age castle that is really worth the journey. Created in the 14th century, it absolutely was busy by several respectable households all through its historical past. The castle is known for its amazing Gothic design, which include towers, ramparts, plus a drawbridge. Visitors might take a tour of the castle’s interiors, that include impressive chambers and places embellished with time period furnishings. They are able to also discover the castle’s landscapes, which include a Renaissance-type water fountain plus a lake.


castle near prague is without question a wonderful city, but the close by castles are merely as remarkable and really worth investigating. From Gothic Karlštejn Castle to fairytale Hluboká Castle, there is not any shortage of passionate, historical, and design miracles to be uncovered. So, if you’re planning for a getaway to Prague, be sure to get a day or two to investigate the encompassing areas and learn the captivating castles that watch for you.

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