The Curious Service 5 Things To Check Before iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Replacement

5 Things To Check Before iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Replacement

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If your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen is cracked, you’re probably eager to get it fixed. However, it’s important to do some checking before an iPhone 12 Pro Max screen replacement to make sure you choose the right repair shop. After all, you don’t want any future issues down the line.
First, decide if you want to go to an Apple Store or a third party shop. Apple locations will use official parts, and their technicians are Apple-certified, but third parties can be cheaper. Just make sure to research them beforehand – read reviews online to see what other customers experienced.
Once you pick a shop, ask what type of screen they’ll use. OEM screens that are directly from Apple are of the highest quality and most durable, but third parties may offer cheaper aftermarket ones. The thing is, aftermarket parts aren’t always as reliable and can develop problems later on. If the shop uses OEM, you know you’re getting the real deal.
Any decent repair place will give you some kind of warranty on their work, usually around a year. This protects you if anything goes wrong with the parts or labour. Shops that don’t offer one are a red flag – they probably use cheap parts that are more likely to fail.
Timing is another factor. Most screen replacements only take 1-2 days, depending on how busy the shop is. Any longer, and you may be waiting a while without your phone. Shops that send devices to Apple can take a bit more time due to shipping.
Finally, get a price quote. Decent OEM screen fixes tend to cost around $300, sometimes less at third parties. Higher end repairs, like those for broken cameras, may be extra. Stay within your desired budget.
By checking out those key things – location, parts, warranty, timing, and cost – you can feel confident that wherever you go will efficiently fix your iPhone’s screen without issues further down the line. Your phone’s too expensive not to get it repaired properly!

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